Stainless steel Swimming pool

The stainless steel pools can be performed anywhere and for any purpose. With this system, the lifetime investment is guaranteed, since the pool is not degraded by the passage of time, it is immune to vibration and needs no maintenance.

You can make any shape or fabricate a whirlpool, which is incorporated into the shape of the pool as a part of it , through a system of special welding. Installation can be performed in place, anywhere, where other building systems would be unthinkable .

Its lightness makes it suitable for locations where weight, or the support structure, do not allow another system , such as indoors on existing floors. Allows parts to be performed  accessible interiors spaces for assembly more easily.

The versatility of the material, can vary the shape, the elements, or the size of the pool, in the future if necessary, and stay with the same guarantee, that if it were brand new .

You can vary the location of the pool, which is impossible in other systems, disassembling and re- assemble in their new situation. The absence of leaks is guaranteed has it is a unibody system, make of stainless steel elements welded together, with a special system of welding by fusion of the parties to be welded in the presence of inert gas, ensuring the stainless steel retaining all its features.

It is totally organic , since no non-recyclable waste are produced at any stage of its construction.