Project Management

What is the figure of Project Manager. Once we have a project already drafted and drawn, we have all the information necessary to make the house project, expansion, renovation , building, etc …. whatever to build.

Then is time to look for budgets for builders, materials, carpenters, electricians, etc. .. That is all the specialists and agents involved in the work. Control the execution of the work and organise the different phases of the project and the people involved.

The building work is a complex process that requires constant attention and organisation to get a good result.

Well, here is when the figure of Project Manager is needed. Look for several budgets of each industry (carpenter, electrician, plumber, builders, etc ... ) in order to compare prices and choose the best price and quality. I will look for materials, organise,  coordinate and control the execution of the building work process, informing regulary with photos and reports on the progress of the work until the end of the project.

Through one person you can complete your project with good finishes, in the time agreed and the best price.

What better person to organise, control and coordinate the building process of your home or project that the architect that have drafted the project and knows of all aspects of it.

The works carried endorse my experience and work. I invite you to visit us, to meet me and learn .