The idea begins with the dream of a project that the architect becomes reality. My job is to carry out your idea ( a home, a local, a pool, renovations, interior design, etc. ), by a method of the deep study of the program of customer needs and the environment. I do not have a defined style, each project responds to the surrounding environment and the tastes and needs of the client. Who better placed to carry out the whole process of the realization of a project that the architect himself .

The experience of over 20 years practicing and more than 200 projects guarantee my work. From here start to offer my experience and knowledge, not only to design and turn your idea into a project, but also to organize and control its execution. Helping in the search and comparison of budgets, choice of materials and finishes processing the license and all aspects which make a work of any type whatsoever.

Through a single person you can realize your project, your dream. I am the architect, the director and coordinator of the whole project, but behind me there is a whole multidisciplinary team of collaborators (engineers , quantity surveyor, interior designers, technical members, etc ....) that ensure a perfect design and implementation of project.

I have an office in Palma and in the east, but as my philosophy is to get in touch with the customer directly, I travel to your home, at your convenience . I speak English and German.